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Transplant for my da

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Pretty soon going to be looking for a transplant for my Da. Open to ideas, however the perfect plan would be a 5.9 engine trans. and so on into it. With plans to eventually build it or build before i install. The original built 4.7 just recently crapped on me. Rod bearing.

Would anyone have any insight, input, or opinions for this it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Pretty excited about finally getting to do this.
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Since you have the 4.7, I'd look at a 5.7 Hemi before the work to convert to a 5.9 personally.

The 5.7 is a "family" motor with the 3.7/4.7, the 5.9 is based on mid-60's technology (the 273/318/340/360 LA block), which was based on early 60's technology (the A block polysphere motors!).

Besides, "It's got a Hemi!" means something to folks ... *grins*

Well, the good news is that the 5.9 is a factory option for 2000, so you can do it with all factory parts.

Bad news is, there's enough different that it's not much less than dropping a 5.9 into, say, a Chevy pickup to drop a 5.9 into a 4.7 equipped Dakota.

If you really want a 5.9, I'd look for a 5.9 equipped 2000, built it up, and sell the 4.7 equipped Dakota. While not being able to say "Yah, it's got a Hemi." *grins*

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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