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I have just had the engine, radiator, thermostat, water pump and other various items replaced on my '98 Durango due to a faulty/clogged radiator which caused the head gasket to go. Since I've gotten the Durango back, the thing seems to be lacking power when stepping on it from stop. It lacks the power it should have being a 5.9L and the main problem seems to be between 2nd and 3rd gear.

Would replacing the TPS sensor help? Or is that one of the sensor the mechanic should have replaced when installing the new engine? And where is the TPS Sensor located?

I just hope it's not the transmission, only owned this Durango since March and tt's cost me $3300 so far :(

Thanks for any help!

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the tps is the black switch on the right side of the throttle body...usually when a tps goes bad, your truck stumbles when you step on the throttle or it will cut off or something...lack of power could be bad o2 sensors or iat or something like that...maybe even bad fuel or something.
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