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dakrt2000 said:
Has anyone done this on their dakota or durango? it says in my repair manual to do it every 60k. But my question is why is the adjustment needed and what will it fix or prevent by doing this service. I assume its only on auto trans like mine.

I had this service done on my 01' Durango once before the 30K and during the 30K service. My old Dodge dealership had told me that this should be done every year cuz the transmissions on Durangos are weak. In my mind I had thought that these guys are just trying to get extra money outta me. Well that dealership out of business now as it was swallowed-up by another Chrysler dealership. Adjusting the bands is part of the service including the fluid change. A maching is hooked-up to the transmission and it's adjusted by the machine as it was told to me. Personally I'd just go by the manual in your car. Don't let any service man tell you that more is better unless they show you a service bulletin. It's another way to get more money from you.

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