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Transmission 2003 Dakota

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Dakota 2003 40,000 mi. Just purchased. At slow speed going into 2nd gear slight hesitation bangs into gear. Other gears are smooth. Is this normal?
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I'd say no, not normal. I also have the '03 with that transmission and at 160,000 it still shifts smoothly into 2nd and all gears.
Thanks for the input. I just got your message now. I'm going to a transmission specialist and see what they think? It's only going to cost me $75 for them to look it over I believe it should be well worth it
What did they say??
They did a diagnostic test and it shifted beautifully he said? I didn't agree 100% when they serviced the transmission a small piece snap ring was in the pan. They want to rebuild the transmission I looked into other options and found a shop that will put a snap ring in and it's only a $500 job versus an overhaul at $4,100
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