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Transfer Case Linkage bushings?

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2000 dakota, transfer case linkage failed today. Turns out the rubber bushings that holds the linkage in place are dry rotted and crumbling.

Does anyone have the P/N for these critters? Also, with all of the delaers that have shut down around here, could anyone suggest an online option for buying these things?

Seems this is a common problem, after a brief web search, this has happened to others (found on other dodge forums) but no one seemed to have the P/N. Apparently the bushings aren't that obvious in the dodge parts books.
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Just a tip for others reading this. I should have changed both of them. Just had the other one rot and fall off just in time for snow when it happened too. Anyways part number for the last one I got was "5017960AA GROMMET SHIFT LEVER".

Looking forward to get this done now in the freezing cold lol.
I’m just about to do this procedure and it lead me to this page. I’m really excited about this group. I’m a member of Dodge Form and if you have a Ram it’s great, not so much for Dakota though. If you post a Dakota question you don’t get many responses if any. So glad this site exists. I’ll have to find new member area and tell the story of how I got a Dakota. It’s a very interesting story lol. It involves theft and crash!
LOL this happened to me, but the rod and bushings were gone. Gone. Found it out on a snowy January morning backing out of my driveway.. Boy, that transfer case lever sure moves like butter. Hmmm no 4wd. Into the garage it goes. Crawl under it. The freaking rod and bushings are not there! Who knows when or where they gave up the ghost! Youtube to the rescue! Made a "rod" replacement out of some plate steel and used some bolts instead of bushings. It freaking worked and still works today. And it will never fall off.
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