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2000 Durango

NV231 transfer case.

The fill plug fell out apparently. I didn't notice til it was too late and there were bad noises coming from transfer case. It had run dry, my best guess is a bearing disintegrated and the gear driving the front driveshaft shifted and became loose in the housing. It ended up wearing through the case itself from the chain rubbing against the inside.

Here are my questions...

1. I envision a shift from trans output to xfer case, straight through xfer case and out to the rear driveshaft. Am I close?

2. Temporarily, what would happen if I cut the chain off? I rarely use 4wd. Would it continue to operate correctly in RWD mode?

I tried to somewhat plug the holes in an effort to keep fluid in and hope that might buy me a little time, but in one pic you can clearly see the chain from the outside.


Thanks for any help!

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