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I keep hearing of this mod. What does it do and what am I to gain by doing it?



2002 Durango 4.7L
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Don't bother. Throttle position isn't very important for speed density algorithms anyway.
I'll submit a differing opinion. After installing a Fastman TB on my QC the engine performed like a slug - no acceleration and very a noticeable loss of power. I don't know what my TPS reading on the stock TB was, or what it was when I buttoned the Fastman TB onto it. I adjusted the TPS to .604v at idle and it woke the truck up. It is way more drivable now than before this adjustment.
just wondering, I just checked mine and I am at .5 Vdc. Will i gain any benefit by raising .2 Vdc?
If my experience was typical: yes - do it.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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