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I keep hearing of this mod. What does it do and what am I to gain by doing it?



2002 Durango 4.7L
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id chime in, but you have a 4.7, so i cant really say for those engines...cant be no different that it is for the older magnums though.

take the tps sensor off, and get a drill bit slightly bigger than the brass insert where the screw goes though. you will be drilling these brass inserts out. then when placing it back into the tb, you are going to need a pair of washers to hold the tps against the tb. get a volt meeter, and place it into the harness for the tb, where the middle wire goes into it. and then turn the key to the on position (not start), and see what the reading is. slightly turn it so the voltage goes up. on the older magnums, i know anything higher than a .80 will trip a code. unsure what it is for the newer motors. but try to get it higher than stock, and to not have it trip a code.

what this does is actually tells the computer the tb is being opened and as to what rate. turn the voltage up, and it tells the computer the throttle is being opened just a little bit sooner. this voltage has a range, and i not sure what it is on the wide open side though, so i think there is a bit of room for this mod to be done. i have it done on mine, and i dont get a code at all.

hope this helped.

btw, welcome to the site
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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