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so my wife and I decided we wanted to get out with the kids and do some civilized camping in a pull-behind camper trailer, and we thought we'd pass on some intel we gathered/confirmed this past weekend.

We wanted a decent sized camper - something in the 4000-5000 lb range...and so we needed a machine that would haul one - something with a trailer tow rating above 7000 lbs, and also something daily-drivable that we could still use around town to haul the kiddo's around in and/or trips to the store etc. It had to be decently powerful, and we like some luxury options, and we're 'Dodge' folks :smile:, so we traded our 2019 Pacifica for a 2015 Durango Citadel - Hemi/8-speed, AWD, full trailer towing package with load-leveling rear suspension/shocks, and a 7200 lb trailer tow rating.

Next we picked up a nice Jayco X213 24' camper trailer (28' with the rear slide extended). The camper weighs 4400 lbs dry and rated at 5500 lbs loaded.

The Durango was pre-wired for a brake controller, which was installed by the service techs where we got the camper.

We weren't sure if the load-leveling rear suspension 'system/shocks' would play well play well with the weight-distributing hitch, but after hauling the camper home we can confirm that the Durango had no problem hauling the camper, and didn't sag one bit :biggrin:

The dealership where we got the camper was about 1.5 hrs away; fuel economy going to get the camper averaged right about 21 mpg, and about 9.5 mpg hauling it home. As expected, with the cruise set at the speed limit(s) the transmission never went into 7th or 8th gears - mostly hanging out in 6th flat and level, dipping into 5th on the slight grades and into 4th if it was a 'hill', with the Hemi just jammin' along maintaining the speed limit without any problems.

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