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tow hook idea

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ok so when i found out that there are no hooks for a 2k-04 dak i got bummed. But i got the idea from kotakid287 to put f-150 tow hooks on it so i went out and baught a pair and as far as i can tell from just holding them up behind the bumper the'll fit with a ittle trimming of the holes in the bumper. I'll post pics as soon as i get them in which could be a couple days cuz its snowing here. :mullet:
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thats kinda the idea i had. okay so i talked to a buddy of mine whose a welder and i'm gunna get all the measure ments together for him tomorrow and give them to him monday. and i friend of mine who worked at a junk yard over the summer gave me the tow hooks off an old full size chevy and they fit thru the holes already in the valence. so this should be done by next weekend. dont quote me on that
any pics yet 03golddakota?
Lol almost 2yrs later. I'm kinda interested too
yet still no reply.. wondering if anyone anywhere has pictures of solid solutions to this problem.. heard of people fabbing up brackets. would be nice to see some dimensions or maybe a diagram..
I thought of using those ginormus hooks from the Fords too....
that would be pretty bad-ass.. i am not sure how dodge COMPLETELY missed their opportunity to throw hooks on the dak/rango.. such a GIANT fail..
1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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