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tow hook idea

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ok so when i found out that there are no hooks for a 2k-04 dak i got bummed. But i got the idea from kotakid287 to put f-150 tow hooks on it so i went out and baught a pair and as far as i can tell from just holding them up behind the bumper the'll fit with a ittle trimming of the holes in the bumper. I'll post pics as soon as i get them in which could be a couple days cuz its snowing here. :mullet:
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I'm an experenced welder, and whoever is going to be doing the welding bettter know what he is doing cause the tow hookes might be cast steel, and if they are has to be welded a curtain way. and if you weld the hooks onto your frame, any weak spoot in the weld well cause the hook to rip off, or even some of the frame, cause tow hook are not desined to work that way.
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