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Tone rings

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I understand it to be that the 4.7L Powertechs from 2002 on have a 32 tooth tone ring and prior to that they are using a 16 tooth tone ring. I also understand that it is possible to swap the tone rings. Aside from swapping, can you get your PCM flashed or get a new PCM to use a 32 tooth tone ring engine in a truck that originally came with a 16 tooth tone ring powertech? Thanks.
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I hope this helps...

1999-2002 4.7L - Jtec PCMs (3-plug PCM) use a 16 tooth tone ring
2003-2007 4.7L - NGC PCM (4-Plug PCM) use a 32 tooth tone ring
2008-up 4.7L - Im not sure, they may still use the NGC 32 tooth tone ring.

Also the CAM tone ring goes hand in hand with the PCM as well...so you need to make sure your camshaft tone ring goes with the correct crankshaft tone ring with the correct PCM.

The transition was done in the 2003 year and you may find a Jtec in a 2003 year 4.7L... So double check the PCM to make sure what you have.

Yeah... I'm going on my experience with the Rams... so I dont know everything... even though I try to. But thats good to know.

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