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The other night I was coming home, and I saw this Durango toasting a Chevrolet. Both were 4x4's and The durango said 4x4 on the back. It seemed pretty quick though, so I wanted a piece of these boys. I got up there beside them, and it turned out that the Durango was an R/T. Well my truck is a Dakota R/T Club Cab, and I knew I had him beat before we ever raced. He knew I was there to race him, so he got on my bumper, and I let him stay with me for a car length, and then I let him have it.

I hate layin the smack down on a fellow Dodge R/T, but he should know what to mess with and what not to mess with. I guess since my truck is completely shaved he thought He could take me.

Sorry bout his luck.


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I dunno.....

If you take two similar vehicles that have identical engines and setups and then add about 500-700 pounds of weight to one in sheetmetal and 4x4 gear, raise it up a bit and put tall tires on it, whatcha think is gonna happen??

If you HADNT beaten him I would wonder....and thats assuming yours and the D were both stock engine setups...
Glad you beat the Cheby though....

DZ :p
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