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To all the Hampton roads area dakota owners.

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We have started a small club down here called So. Va (southern Virginia) Dakotas. We have meets usually one day out of the weekend where we meet up for a bbq or hooters for some grub then we head down to the oceanfront to show off our daks. There arent any club dues or a fee for joining. Just bring some food or beer to the meets and thats it. We usually get a pretty nice response when people see about 10 dakotas lined up in a row cruising the strip. :toast: We're also open to every kind of dakota from a 4cyl 88 dakota to a 2004 QC 4.7 4x4. It doesnt matter to us. So if your interested in joining feel free to respond here or send me a PM.

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hey everyone it is a good time i have a 2004 sxt 3.7 club cab dak :toast: i belong to to that club
I am also a member of SOVA. Like Drew and Duke said, we are bunch of dakota owners who like to meet up and have a good time. We are having a get together this sunday at Hooters on mIlitary hwy.

Just found the site and wanted to post to say "wassabi" or "whats up" or something like that anyway.
I just got my '01 Dakota Quad Cab with the 4.7 in it, great truck so far. Anyway let me know when we you guys are getting together again and I will see if I can make it if I am not out of town.

Shane :mullet:
SOVA Dakotas

We have a website called sova dakotas.com for owners of dakotas in the Southern Virginia Area. If any one has any questions feel free to ask me.
no go...

I couldn't get the site to come up. Guess I will give it another day or two and try again.

Also check out dakotausa.com
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