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I just ordered a set of 18" Maxims and I am now in the market for some tires. I am going to keep my stock wheels along with the tires and use them specifically for winter. So, that means I can get a tire just for the summer months when I'll have the new wheels on. What are some tires you all can sugggest for me? I am looking at 255/55, but maybe I should be looking at another size. Right now I am at stock height, but depending on how it looks when I put these on I may drop it with a Belltech 2/4 kit. I understand that there are tons of tires I could get but I am just looking for some ideas...

I am located in NY, so I will need a good tire for dry and wet pavement. These wont be seeing any snow.

Just to make things even more difficult, I am looking at purchasing from Discount Tire so if you could find the tires on there I would really appreciate it.

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