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How much wider do you wanna go? What 31s did you put on it. not all 31s are made the same. I had some BFG 31s and they gripped the road pretty well. I could go up mountain roads pretty quick. Could keep up to BMW X5s with no problem. Boy was this one guy ticked off when I was breathing down his neck.
Are you happy with the tires you had on there? can you get them in the size you want? I used BFG for a long time and they work well. Im assuming you dont go 4 wheeling so a street tread tire would be fine with you?
Ive had good luck with BFG, and Cooper tires. My big work truck gets Cooper tires and the other gets BFG.
Youre gonan have one hell of a gap if you go to smaller tires. a 275 60 15 is 28 inches tall and pretty wide. I had those on my 92 454ss and my GMC sierra. I know wal mart sells a BFG tire in that size. I have the same tire BFG Excentia GT on my Jimmy 235 70 15 and they work great. Quiet good ride and they were 320$ installed with a road hazzard included.

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