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its that time, im preparing for the power tour, and i will probably be buying 5 17" rt rims and putting new tires on them, keeping mine for drag tires since they are almost gone (good drag/burnout tires) i would end up having 5 brand new tires/rims and 4 for having fun.

now i was wondering what's a good tire? i am thinking about the Kumo ECSTA MX in a 255/40, a buddy of mine has them on his 72 nova and they look great, and ride great.im well set on the 40 series because i like the low profile look compared to 55 series, but can i go wider than 255, say to maby 275 on the back for traction (and the look) on stock rims?

also what are your opinions on these tires or any other recommendations? :mullet:
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