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yeah man I know im thinking about goin with this kit

97-04 Dodge Dakota 4"/6" Deluxe Drop Kit:
Anybody who owns one knows the factory wheelwell gap on
these truck makes it look like it's on stilts...way too tall!
Western Chassis was the first to solve that problem with this
massive 4"/6" drop. This kit uses Western's 2" front Super
A-arms combined with 2" Smooth-Rider coils (not pictured).
In the rear, a 2" shackle mount along with a 2-2.5-3" adjust-
able hanger is combined with a 1" heavy-duty extruded block
kit to deliver the 6" drop. In order to get 2" of extra frame
clearance in the rear, a pair of heavy-duty 1/4" plate steel
C-sections are included with this very popular kit. (Note: the Super A-arms in this kit now include new ball joints.)
97-04 Dakota 4"/6" Deluxe Drop Kit: $789.95
Featured in 8/98 & 9/98 Truckin' Magazine

from www.sporttruckdirect.com

pretty rad if you ask me I just want the suspensuion to be really stiff like my bros mustang
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