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Any tips for finding the source of a very slow transfer case leak (or ruling out a leak entirely)?

I've heard of putting in UV dye and then shining a black light -- would that be worth a try?

Background info:

I bought a used 2006 Dakota SLT 4.7L 4x4 from a dealer (127k miles). The said they replaced "the transfer case gasket" (I'm interpreting this as "opened the thing up and put it back together", but not really sure). There was quite a bit of black "gunk" around the transfer case and I've cleaned off 50% of it (mostly from the bottom, since that's what I can reach).

After each outing (I only use the truck once a week or so), there are a couple of drops of (what I assume is) oil on my garage floor (I think the amount may be decreasing each time, but that might be wishful thinking). I don't see any leaks at the front/rear seals, although I've also never owned a 4WD vehicle before, so I don't really know what I'm doing :)

I shined a light all over the visible parts of the transfer case and I can't figure out where the leak might be coming from. If I angle the light properly, the reflection indicates that there's a thin layer of (presumably) oil, but when I follow that back, I can't find the source.

I'll try and get a picture the next time this happens, but I'd be happy to hear suggestions in the mean time. Thanks!
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