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The rules of the Swap Meet:

* You must post an asking price. If necessary, start a little high and add 'Or Best Offer'.
* Auction-style bidding is not allowed on the site. If you want people to bid on your item, list it on E-Bay then post a link to your auction.
* You do not need to post fixed amounts, but you must notify potental buyers in advance if you plan on charging extra for packaging, handling, shipping, or transaction fees.
* You must notify potential buyers in advance if you only accept particular methods of payment such as PayPal or money orders.
* Once your item has sold, please post "SOLD" in your thread so a moderator can close or delete the thread.

* Provide as much information as possible about the item you are selling. Vague descriptions don't attract much attention.
* Describe the item's condition - new or used, working or broken, mint condition or blemished.
* Pictures go a long way towards selling items.
* Where is the item located? A zip code is best to compute shipping, but city + state will work as well.
* Providing the dimensions and weight of the packaging is helpful for computing shipping rates in advance.
* If you only deal with particular shippers (eg: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.), you should post that in advance.

* Do not interfere with an individal's ability to sell an item by posting comments that the price is too high or that you think you can buy it elsewhere for less. Just because you think that someone's asking price is too high, does not mean everyone else feels the same way. If necessary, submit your opinion to the seller via private message or make them an offer. If a seller's asking price is really too high for the market to bear, then it simply won't sell and they will have to evaluate whether they want to lower their price or accept offers.
* Peanut gallery comments are not welcome. Do not interfere with other people's for sale threads. If you don't want to buy something, then simply don't buy it.
* If you feel that a for sale thread has violated the system rules, please click the "Report Post" icon in the top-right corner of the post to notify a moderator.

* The iTrader feedback system has been added to the website for people to submit positive, neutral, or negative feedback for each transaction. Each user's iTrader rating is displayed next to their username in every post. Click on their rating number to see expanded informaton or to submit feedback for that individual.
* Expanded feedback may be submitted via the Swap Meet Feedback Forum, but you must use the iTrader system first. Any feedback submitted on the site without an accompanying iTrader rating will be purged.
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