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TA Performance Rear Diff Girdle

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Cover: 142.50
Shipping to me: 7.50 per cover (75 bux total for 10 covers)
Shipping to you: 15.00 (I did a bunch of UPS quotes in my world ship software this was about the average for 11lbs ground)
Paypal fees: 5.00

TOTAL: $170 shipped (a total savings of about 35 dollars over going direct)

Lets start getting some $$$ coming in So we can get this done.

Paypal me at [email protected] - once all 10 are paid I will get the order going.



*EDIT* List of YES people that have either paid or not ----- PM with "YES TA" to get on the list for the GB.

1. WhiteRT - dakrt.com - PAID
2. Corey - dakrt.com - PAID
3. Yort - dakdur.com - PAID
4. Kawiryder20 - dakdur.com - PAID
5. dakrt23 - dakrt.com - PAID
6. 1evilrt - dakrt.com - NOT PAID
7. 1BAD99RT - dakrt.com - NOT PAID
8. 02roadtrack - dakdur.com - NOT PAID
9. chansen49 - delphi - NOT PAID
10. Warrior Poet - dakrt.com - NOT PAID
11. dlangland5.9 - dakdur.com - NO LONGER INTERESTED

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Bump for a great product. Get off yall's ass and get them paid for. I've had mine for about 5,000 miles and no problems or leaks to speak of.
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Are you lowered with hotchkis???

Yes, Hotchkis springs front (cut 1/4 coil) and rear with DJM hangers. Stock sways with homemade links on the rear.
Yea I remember that post when I typed that. :jester: I still can't remember why but I think it's the type of aluminum they use, so theTA would be lighter. The LPW is more HD since it has that optional bracing support.
The T/A is cover is a pretty stout piece. The recommened torque on the cap bolts is only 5 foot pounds, so how much bracing do you really need? I got a REALLY good deal on mine so I can't complain.
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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