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TA Performance Rear Diff Girdle

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Cover: 142.50
Shipping to me: 7.50 per cover (75 bux total for 10 covers)
Shipping to you: 15.00 (I did a bunch of UPS quotes in my world ship software this was about the average for 11lbs ground)
Paypal fees: 5.00

TOTAL: $170 shipped (a total savings of about 35 dollars over going direct)

Lets start getting some $$$ coming in So we can get this done.

Paypal me at [email protected] - once all 10 are paid I will get the order going.



*EDIT* List of YES people that have either paid or not ----- PM with "YES TA" to get on the list for the GB.

1. WhiteRT - dakrt.com - PAID
2. Corey - dakrt.com - PAID
3. Yort - dakdur.com - PAID
4. Kawiryder20 - dakdur.com - PAID
5. dakrt23 - dakrt.com - PAID
6. 1evilrt - dakrt.com - NOT PAID
7. 1BAD99RT - dakrt.com - NOT PAID
8. 02roadtrack - dakdur.com - NOT PAID
9. chansen49 - delphi - NOT PAID
10. Warrior Poet - dakrt.com - NOT PAID
11. dlangland5.9 - dakdur.com - NO LONGER INTERESTED

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I'm down for a cheaper price! But...you know the LPW covers have more bracing options? Like welding brackets at the end of the axle tubes to bolt brace bars to the cover? I like that.
I didnt know that - but to be honest 99% of the people on here or dakotart dont need that, it is WAY overkill for what most of us want to do.....hell the only reason I want it is for the drain plug, so i my case it is a 170 dollar drain plug...

:jester: Well just putting it out there. I don't see why NOT to use the LPW cover with the extra brace option for the same price. I like both but rather use the LPW for the cool factor...maybe I'm a little nuts. Maybe you can get something with them?
Or I am

Here is YOUR quote from Dakotart.com

"You have a really nice setup going on that truck. As for the diff cover, TA Performance cover is better IMO. I don't remember why, but I did research on them a while back and I like the TA Performance ones better. They have them on eBay also."


Post #9

Yea I remember that post when I typed that. :jester: I still can't remember why but I think it's the type of aluminum they use, so theTA would be lighter. The LPW is more HD since it has that optional bracing support.
Room for more....

I'm down, when is this going to wrap up?
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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