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Switching to Fuel cell

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I am currently bagging my 99 R/T and am thinking about swapping out my stock tank with the fuel cell out of my other dak. My other truck has a full return system with Aeromotive A-1000 pump and billet rails. The stock fuel gauge does not work in that truck.

If I put the fuel cell in my R/T can I run the stock pump and keep the stock gauge? If I swap the rails, pump, and full return system, is there anyway of the stock fuel gauge working? Can I run that big of a pump and return system on stock injectors?
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yes. just take your stock sender and make a mount to put it in your fuel cell...small hole for the wires seal it up and good to go...just cant use foam. there is also one company that make a fuel level sender that will work with our gauge, i think dj_wolf found it. and a full return should be fine with stock injectors.
if you go full aftermarket just get a sender from jegs to use your stock gauges like me or you can just mount your stock pump assembly to the fuel cell. it depends on your fuel requirements and budget. Either way the stock gauges will work, they will be more accurate with the stock assembly though unless you reuse just the stock sender with a new bracket.
Do you have a part number for that sender? And how would I mount the stock pump assembly in the fuel cell?
here is how to mount the stock assembly,

the sender you need if going external,
547-371-240-03 or 547-378-240-03 depending on length
Try isspro.com for the sender, they have all depths to fit the cell you have, they also have the right ohm rating to work with your stock gauge.:D
^^ What he said! Or keep a stick handy, and measure it every certain amount of miles:)
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