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I want to state before everyone says don’t do it. That I am doing this swap project as is. I already had the 1998 engine and trans from a previous owned vehicle. That being said I have a 1998 5.9 and trans from an R/T with all associated wiring up to and including the pcm, alternator, and exhaust down to the O2 sensors. Both trucks are rwd. The 1998 was a standard cab and the 2002 is a 4 door. The 4.7 engine has a rod knocking, so it is junk and approx 100k more miles than the 5.9. The truck body is not worth doing a whole lot to, it is a trusty rusty, at least it was trusty until my son got ahold of it and wanted to do burnouts in the snow!!!

My questions are:
1. Will this work as is or would it be better to get a pcm for a 2002 5.9
2. Will this pcm “talk” to the truck properly.
3. Will I need to alter or replace the drive shaft.
4. Should I swap out all sensors for 2002.

Thank you in advance for all input.
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