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Alright. So I'm hoping this is the best place to put this. Its time for a suspension upgrade on my Durango. Shocks. Springs. What ever else I find that needs to be replaced. I've been searching around and couldn't find a post dedicated to the suspension/cornering/handling for a Durango. A 2wd Durango at that. What would be the best upgrades for handling, towing, and everyday drive-ability.

Now I do know that I plan on getting Blisten Shocks. I usually always get the heavy duty ones with the rear coils. Then what? Should springs be replaced and what brand is good? Do I need to worry about the almight polyurethane bushings or don't fix what ain't broke?

I know its a heavy brick of a SUV but it can always be improved. Let's keep in mind that there is a budget, I don't have a gold card, but I may do most of the work myself. So that can save me some money...though that would probably go into buy tools to do the work.

Thanks in Advance.
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