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duketter said:
I would like to put a sunroof in my quad cab but not sure if it is possible. I do NOT want the automatic/electric sunroof (too expensive), just the ones that flip up. Here is the problem....I have the overhead console that displays the temp/compass/gas mileage/etc. I still want to keep that so is it possible to put a sunroof in my quad cab with the overhead console still in?

Does anyone have a flip up sunroof in their quad cab and still have the overhead console? If so can you post pics too? Also, what size sunroof do you have?

I was looking at having a sunroof installed in my Club Cab truck while retaining the overhead console since I have it processed with Hydro-Graphics. You shouldn't have any problems at all with having a decent-sized sunroof installed in your Quad Cab roof, the only issue may be that they may not be able to install it as far forward as you may like since there needs to be a bit of a gap between the console and the glass because of the sunroof frame/hardware.
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