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Sunroof in quad cab possible??

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I would like to put a sunroof in my quad cab but not sure if it is possible. I do NOT want the automatic/electric sunroof (too expensive), just the ones that flip up. Here is the problem....I have the overhead console that displays the temp/compass/gas mileage/etc. I still want to keep that so is it possible to put a sunroof in my quad cab with the overhead console still in?

Does anyone have a flip up sunroof in their quad cab and still have the overhead console? If so can you post pics too? Also, what size sunroof do you have?

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I found a sunroof equipped quad cab Dakota when I was looking for a transfer case due to mine getting destroyed due to the front drive shaft CV-joint failed.😢
It was a loaded SLT with the 5.9, leather, heated seats, and 4x4. But, the bed was rusted out badly and the cab was getting bad as well.
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