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stupid tundra.

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ok. i work fo a real estate company and i do all the foot work. signs, flyers, deleveries, whatever. my boss broke his chair and i gotta take it some place to get fixed. i dunno why, but even if i'm not in a rush or running late i can't stand getting stuck behind people who make me go slower than i normally would. i can't help it.

anyways, so i'm driving down the blvd. and this friggin tundra flies around a corner and pulls in front of me. he couldnt wait for me to go by and then merge in.. he had to cut me off! so i punch it and swerve and make a scene like he narrowly missed my front bumper... just to let him know that what he did was not appreciated. eventually, through the forces of traffic, he ended up next to me at a stop light. i kinda look over at him.. he doesnt look back. so i kinda stair at him. i think he senced this. so the light hits green and i get a descent jump. i'm not flooring it, i just wanna get in front of him. we end up at another stop light. he revs his engine. bad move. its a good thing my window was down otherwise i wouldnt have heard it. i didnt bother reving back... i didnt wanna get stuck revving when the light changed. as luck should have it, the light chenged when i wasnt paying attention. he shot off the line, i was a second behind. i didnt wanna floor it and make a scene, so i gave it only enough gas to completely and utterly dust him and put him about 10 car lengths behind me.... nothing to serious. i hit about 60.
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