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I have a 1999 dakota 5spd rwd. I have to take the entire 2 piece driveshaft out so i can have it rebalanced. My question is: the ballbearing asembly is bolted to the cross-member with 2 bolts. I can't get them loose. Anyone think that heating them up would cause a problem so close to that assembly? I plan on replacing the bolts anyway, so im not aposed to cutting them but i thought i would ask you guys before i did anything stupid....

Thanks Jim

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hey man,

a stupid question is one not asked first off. i would heat them up. just the bolts though, grease up the bearing assembly real good, the use just enough heat to break them loose. but try a breaker bar first.

ever think of replacing that driveshaft for a one piece aluminum one? i did that on my ram (had to--it was out of spec from the factory), so i bitched because they gave me a run around, they put one on for nothing. truck ran a littlt stronger after that. less rotational mass to move.

just a thought.

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