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I agree with you to a point. Even if someone isn't "at fault" it still requires two people to get in a car crash. I live right on the outskirts of Philadelphia and trust me, there are some crazy drivers out there. I drive extremely defensively, don't trust anyone, and even drive for some people by warning them if they are about to do something stupid whether it would affect me or not.

Traffic laws are supposed to lower the accident rate but nothing can eliminate them. Most people don't even follow the rules of the road, they have their own unique way of driving, legal or not. There is no reason to be driving down a road where hitting an elk would kill you. The driver should be aware of their surroundings and realize a wooded area has a potential to hold animals (or small children for that matter.) I'm personally scanning the area in front of me as far as I can see and as wide as I can look without moving my head. If I notice an animal like a deer then I will slow down to under 15 mph. A deer doesn't have binocular vision and therefor can't judge speed so there could be a chance that it could run out in front of you regardless where you are or how fast you are going.

I bet 99.9% of all accidents are preventable. I don't care if a kid who is speeding crashes and kills himself. I care if he takes someone out with him. Racing puts unknowing people in danger.
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