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Ok, here goes. 2006 Dakota with the sentry ignition, alarm the whole 9 yards. Both keys are good and work fine. The other day, I left one of the keys in my pocket and it went throught the washing machine. Ugh. I took it apart and dried it out. Took it outside to try it and it set the alarm off. Couldn't get the alarm off till I used to good key to start the truck. Ok, one key transmitter is junk. I pulled the battery and set it aside, no worries.

I drove the truck the day after to the store, no issues whatsoever. I get it in it yesterday and the (one month old) battery is completley dead. I put the cables on it and the horn immediately sounds, I put the key in the iginition and it stops. Got the battery charged, no issues. I started the truck this morning, no issues.

Could the original alarm event have caused the battery to drain? Now I'm nervous about taking this truck anywhere in fear of the battery draining. No issues prior to the alarm going off. I replaced the battery in April as preventative since the old one was well, old.

Any help is appreciated.
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