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I have been having intermittent problems with the stock radio in my '02 Durango.

It started at about 10000 miles, and the radio would make a loud pop, almost like a breaker was tripping or something. It would take anywhere from 5 minutes to the next time I started the vehicle for the radio to come back on with another loud pop.

I took it to the dealer a couple of times, but they said that it was tough to diagnose without actually seeing the problem first hand. The only thing they could find wrong was a loose connection to the antenna, which they fixed.

I lived with the problem for another few months, but finally had enough, and made them replace the radio under warranty.

Well, that was about 8 months ago, and the vehicle is no longer under the factory warranty, and the other night, it made the POP again, only this time, it never came back on. It still makes a weak popping noise every 15 minutes or so, but never comes back to life. The dealer also says that since this is outside the factory warranty now, they wont cover it under warranty, even with the pre-existing history.

Has anyone heard anything about this being a common problem, or have any other suggestions?

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