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stock 2000 Dakota 1/4 mile?

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Wondering what these old trucks run in the 1/4 mile? My Dad recently bought a brand new Colorado, and the dealership wasn't going to give him squat for his 2000 Dakota with 108k miles as a trade. So he literally just gave it to me. Over the last few weeks I've completely cleaned/detailed the interior, gutted the crusty Infinity stereo and replaced it with all aftermarket components, and have started changing all the fluids and filters.

The car is a 100% stock 4x4 club cab Dakota with 3.92 gears. What did these run in their prime? The weather here won't dip into the negative DA until mid-Oct or so, and by then I should have everything all freshened up and ready to go. So what should I expect? Would it be better to launch it in 4WD or 2WD?

BTW, future plans include a Magnaflow single cat Y-pipe and catback, CAI, manual fan delete (this truck has an electric fan already installed from the factory), and a Superchips tuner or a canned tune from FlyinRyan.
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I'd launch it in 2WD first to see what wheel spin looks like. If you struggle for traction (probably not) then try a 4WD launch. I'd expect a 16 second quarter mile.
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