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Inadequate tranny fluid pressure can cause it to stick. Also the detent (throttle valve) cable being adjusted too tightly will definately cause it to stick under WOT. I have had the same problem twice - once it was a crimped tranny line, the other time an improperly adjusted detent (t.v.) cable. Both times it got worse the hotter the tranny got. Last time, I just loosened the t.v. cable up about 1/8th inch and was good to go. Also, bad motor/tanny mounts can cause the engine/tranny to twist/shift violently under power and bind up the t.v. linkage if it comes into contact with something. Hope some of you are as lucky as I was. What kind of tranny is it - valve bodies are usually $150-200, but I doubt thats it. Check the t.v. cable again. Have you changed the tranny fluid/filter lately and looked for excessive metal shavings/chunks in the pan? Up to a teaspoon of fine shavings is normal. Hopefully it's not just getting tired and slipping under power.

Good Luck
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