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Hi, I´m looking for this bar in the midle of the pic. It´s connected in my steering pump from one side and from another side is conected in something behind my steering wheel.I don´t know how I can call it. I saw on dodge dealer but it´s very $$ here ( I´m outside U.S.). But, If someone can give to me the name of this part and the price on the dodge dealer in the US or knows where I can find it in the internet this part I´ll apperciate !! :biggthump


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I would recommend talking to Jeff Hunter at www.moparsupercenter.com, they're a dodge dealership in the southeast US who sells parts at discounted prices - you probably won't be able to get it new for cheaper anywhere else.

You can also reach Jeff by posting a note in the Mopar Supercenter forum on this site, or sending a PM to [email protected] on this site.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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