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when my starter went on my 5.2 i had it rebuilt at an electrical shop around here for 73 bucks. basically its a brand new starter internally, just the same casing on the outside. havent had a problem since and that was a year ago or about 20,000 miles ago. id look around and see if you can get it rebuilt somewhere first.

Brand New OEM Starter

My father and I have an auto electric business in Bullville, New York, named Ron's Auto Electric. I rebuild all of the imports which means the one in your dakota. I have either a brand new OEM for $135.00 or one of my rebuilt units for $110.00, which is the best rebuilt unit you will get anywhere, I guarentee it!! You can call me at (845)361-4227, my name is Paul. By the looks of your truck, I personally would go with the new original.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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