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Truck is a 2000 Dakota, rwd, 3.9 motor and auto trans.

My shocks are bad so I was looking to replace them and I noticed that the stabilizer bar on the passenger side where it connects to the end link is splitting. This is not a problem with the end link, but with the bar itself. It is split horizontally right through the end and looks like a piece is delaminating. Has anyone else experienced this with a dakota or durango? My guess is that I need to replace the entire stabilizer bar because that end could break off...but I wanted to check in case others have experienced this and it is not a big deal.

I mean, this is a 22 year old work truck and while it is a reliable workhorse for me, I would prefer not to throw money at it if I do not need to. Anyone experience a similar issue with these stock stabilizer bars?

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It has likely been a long process for it to get to the point it is now. Being a "22 year old work truck" you could keep running it as-is, just check it so often.
For me, I would replace it when it breaks, with a used one. For years vehicles didn't have stabilizer bars, then they were mostly on the front, now typically front & rear.
Work truck or other, it would be a safer truck with the bars in place.
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