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srt hood

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this is not a group buy just wish someone out there would start one we all know a bunch of us would by so why dosent somebody just start one.
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I'd be interested if the price was right. Only problem for me is that I'd be killed on the shipping. (Alberta, Canada) Anyone out in my neck of the woods looking for one of these too?
It didn't sound like anyone was organizing an official group buy, but with such large items I'm sure the shipping savings alone by splitting between multiple orders would outweigh any kind of group-buy discount. Earlier it was stated that for 2 hoods the savings were $75, but I'm sure an email or phone call would be needed to see if they would still honour that one. If there's enough interest around me I would be willing to make a couple of contacts to start the ball rolling, but for me at least this won't be a purchase made right now. I'm possibly looking at the end of summer/early fall before I have the money saved (and convince the wife). I'm in Edmonton, AB. PM me for whoever is interested I guess and I'll go from there.
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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