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srt hood

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this is not a group buy just wish someone out there would start one we all know a bunch of us would by so why dosent somebody just start one.
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red wing, hum how mutch is the group price
we should keep this thread open if u can get a better price if u buy 2. that way people looking can find someone near them
does anybody know the prices if u buy more than one
im in minnesota so whos in and where are u located
new wheels cool how do those 22 ride i got couple sets of 20 wasnt sure about going any bigger
Any One Else Intrested In Srt Style Hood
there is a guy on here that currenty has a discount setup for fiberglass hoods closs to the ss style but he said if there is enuff intrestd he coould make srt style his prices are arooound 350-400 so would be cheaper if theres enuff intrested
heres the link he sadi if he gets 10 people intrested with deposits he can make an srt style hood now hes selling ss style ram air hood for $300 if anybody is intrested heres the link but if wee all work together we can actually get a real gb on these hoods

1 - 11 of 42 Posts
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