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lilguido1 said:
Hey all, seen several posts about the "sqeaks" in the front end of your "other" woman (the sway bar...). Forget the solutions you've heard...

1) Spray them down w/silicone
2) Take off the rubbers (no pun intended) and clean everything and put it back together
3) Take it to the dealer and spend all kinds of cash and have the same rubber P.O.S.'s back on for future problems again.

OK - I think I've said enough. Why use a band-aid for surgery?

Go to e-Shocks.com, order the appropriate bushing set for (measure your sway bar diameter 1st) your truck, a week or two later, download Hotchkis's sway bar installation diagrams, get under your truck w/o jacking it up or pulling a wheel off - & replace the bushings w/urethane. Plus, you can get them in red or black - yippee!

Problem solved - sorry if this has already been said

:rofl: I was laughing to hard at the pun to have any idea what this thread is about..... :banana2:
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