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So, winter sucks donkey dick. Its hell on the truck with all the salt and grime, and its hell on me because I cant do anything to my truck. The only good thing is... winter gives alot of time to think about what needs to be done to keep your vehicle running and looking properly

Heres what Ive come up with so far..

My truck has chrome bumpers, the rear one started rusting years ago, and now my front bumper has started to rust. Ive always wanted white painted bumpers and grille anyway so, thats what I plan on doing. Is there a bumper cover for my 01 that will cover up the rusty chrome and the ugly gray fascia thing underneath the chrome? If there is, I want to get one of those. If anyone has any ideas on where to get one... let me know.

For the rear bumper I think I'll just get a street scene roll pan and paint it to match. I dont really want a roll pan, but I dont want to buy a new rear bumper either...unless there is such a thing as a rear bumper cover that could be painted white, I think a rollpan is my only option.


I want to trade out my chrome grille for a stock white grill... no inserts or anything.

I have a set of clear corners to put on... I just havent done it yet. Its too damn cold.

I have a nice Eagle fiberglass bedcover on my truck right now that I bought from a member on here last year. It was yellow, but I painted it with Duplicolor "paint shop", and it looks pretty good, but the paint does not match perfectly. I am very anal when it comes to things looking perfect, and even though 95% of people cant tell that its not a perfect match, I can, and that pisses me off. SOOOOO... I wanna get actual bright white chrysler paint and re-do that (along with bumpers and the grille). I also need to fix one of the shocks and the lock on the bed cover so I can get that working properly.

The body of my truck is 99.999% flawless. The only rust visable is on the VERY BOTTOM of the doors. The doors themselves are actually not rusting, its just the little "pinch" of sheet metal on the bottom of the doors that start forming a little rust. And that is only surface rust, it wipes right off with a towel. But somehow I want to get rid of that once and for all before it turns into a problem.

If I have the funds, and provided I can use my stock 16" rims, I wanna do a 2/3 inch drop. I really dont know anything about suspensions, and dont even wanna touch it myself... this is the reason for putting it off for so long. But, I think the time has come and Im gonna have to man up and pay someone to install a lowering kit. If anyone on here who lives near me wants to do the work for a case of beer and a few bucks... let me know.

Fix the damn exhaust for good this time. My dynomax 3" catback rusted off last summer, so I put on a cheap shitty muffler with some 2 1/4" pipe and dumped it after the axle just to get by. Its wayyy too quiet and I lost a considerable amount of power going to this setup. I want to go back to a 3" setup with a magnaflow or hooker aerochamber this time.


Nothing. Ive already wasted plenty of money modding the 3.9, so far its helped a little, but not much. However, if I can find a good deal on a superchips... I'll get one.

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Sounds like a plan. :mullet:
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