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Spark Plug Heat Shield Removal

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im just curious about any long term ill effects on removing those spark plug heat shields on a 3.9 v6. im going to be installing the napa premium wires and just afraid off cooking the boots, thats all. Is it worth removing these things?
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Upgrade to better spark plug wires and they are not needed. Plus over time, they end up causing more problems than they theoretically help. They trap dirt and water and cause arcing once the wires start to go.
Pair of vice-grips or channel locks. Grab right at the edge of where the split is. Twist to where you are bending it inside of itself and just keep twisting until it coils up and starts to spin. Did it one time to where I had to use another pair of pliers to get the heat shield off my channel locks because it had twisted around the jaws.
As long as you are running good quality plug wires you will have no problems.
I've never had to soak any of the heat shields I've removed. Just twist them and they come right out.
How are you twisting them?? There is a split that runs the entire length of the heat shield. Garb hold right on the edge where the split is twist it into itself so it kind of rolls itself up around the jaw of the pliers. I've actually had one wrap itself around the pliers I was using because I had to twist it that much that I had to use another pair of pliers to get it off the first pair. This will break it away from the sides of the head and then should pull right out.
If you are trying to remove the heat shields with the plugs in place, then that's 90% of your problem. You can't get them to bend enough with the plugs in place to break away from the edges.
Grab twist pull. There is a slot on them as they aren't tubes. Grab with pair of pliers on edge of the slit, twist inward to roll it into itself and pull out. If they've been in for a while and kind of rusted might have to twist them pretty good to break them loose.
1 - 8 of 34 Posts
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