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Hello Everyone,

It's been a long time that we have been a supporter of Dakota-Durango. The owners have been fair in vender costs over the years. I've tried to post new products as best we could over the years. But times are a changing and all in a nasty way.

Current changes by the new forum owners have created a decision to move on.

In today's times, with falling member numbers moving to Facebook, Messenger, Tick Toc and other venues, a business decision has been made not to pay the now overly increased vender fees of $891 per year.

Professional services$891.00

Yeah, that's a pretty big pill to swallow just to type a few words and put up a picture.

Paying these types of unfair increases are supposed to be split up and passed on to you in your sales.

I refuse it. In all fairness to those supporters that have been by us for years, we will continue to maintain our Facebook page for updated parts, ongoing builds and notifications. I'll try to update our website as well.

We will continue to be as fair as possible to our Mopar family in parts pricing and builds without making you pay for frills.

Our emails are up, messenger works, my phone rings. Be Safe!

[email protected]
[email protected]utheastrt.com
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