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Fast360: Where did you get them and what is the price and part number?

Is your build done yet? If so, how does it run? If you could do it again, would you run closer to 9-9.5:1 compression?
Yea its been done minus a few things I need to upgrade. (injectors and I want a electronic boost controller)

I actually bought my short block used, it came from coughKRCcough. It was the shortblock out of Trippers truck which was the shop truck. So Ive got no idea on the PN's or price. I was told they were Kustom pistons at the time, being that they were 8.2-1 and .030 over.

Ive driven the truck NA with this current motor in it and it felt ok. I would rather have lower comp and be able to run more boost safely. The truck is no slouch at all with this low comp. Even with the big honking turbo, it spools plenty fast. Theres no noticeable lag at all, very smooth. My diesel has way more lag than my Dak.
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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