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I have a 2001 3.9 Dakota Quad Cab 4 X 4 with a 5 speed. At 40,000 miles the Pilot bearing went bad and was replaced, along with the scored input shaft, my only real problem with this truck so far and that was app 2 years ago. I now have app 75000 miles on it and I am starting to hear a rattle kind of sound as I decelerate toward stop signs or what have you. It is not loud , and I do not notice anything else except for the sound... Any Ideas as to what may be causing this sound ? I have done a very thorough job of checking for anything loose in or around the engine compartment or exhaust. It is difficult to pin point the exact location of the sound since it does not make any noise while sitting still. Could it be the clutch/pressure plate ? It goes away when I step on the clutch. And does not make any sound while traveling down the road only the last few seconds before coming to a stop.
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