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soon to start 4.7 to 5.7 hemi swap...need help please

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So I am soon to start a 4.7 to 5.7 hemi swap...my 2003 4.7 is close to 200,000 miles so I want to start planning out my swap just in case my engine takes a crap..knock on wood though. So I am looking for knowledge of anyone who has worked with this material before. So first off what year hemi works best and out of what vehicle should I get the 5.7 out of? Secondly will my 03 4.7 tranny fit directly to the 5.7 or will I have to make changes
or get a new tranny? Thirdly what new wiring, wiring harnesses, etc will I have to get? I already know that I will have to fab up a new oil pan and that is no problem. I have probably left out much info so please feel free to bring it up. Thank you everyone for your help.
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i would go with a 2005 or newer Hemi. What trans do you have and are you 2wd or 4wd? Get the engine harness and PCM as a minimum. If you can get the engine bay harness and DBW pedal that would be a good idea.
I've read that Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 exhaust manifolds fit the Dak/Dur frame, and are basically headers. $90/set on www.car-part.com
What was your search criteria to come up with that? I found the $45 exhaust manifold searching for a 2007 JGC exhaust manifold 6.1 and the description was listed as 1959 Pontiac.
so no headers, good headers would fit? otherwise maybe ill make my own
Are you talking about headers for a Hemi in your Durango vs. in a Hemi in a Dakota swap???
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