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soon to start 4.7 to 5.7 hemi swap...need help please

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So I am soon to start a 4.7 to 5.7 hemi swap...my 2003 4.7 is close to 200,000 miles so I want to start planning out my swap just in case my engine takes a crap..knock on wood though. So I am looking for knowledge of anyone who has worked with this material before. So first off what year hemi works best and out of what vehicle should I get the 5.7 out of? Secondly will my 03 4.7 tranny fit directly to the 5.7 or will I have to make changes
or get a new tranny? Thirdly what new wiring, wiring harnesses, etc will I have to get? I already know that I will have to fab up a new oil pan and that is no problem. I have probably left out much info so please feel free to bring it up. Thank you everyone for your help.
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I hope you don't mind if I piggyback on your thread for a minute..

I've hummed over the possibilities for my truck, boosting, all bolt-ons, and a Hemi swap, well lets just say I've made the choice and I'm going to start the planning and info gathering stage aswell. I just have some questions for now, and of course it's the usual ones..

(not worried about the motor mounts yet.)

1st question is the wiring question: I have an 05' 4.7l 2 wheel drive. If I get an 05 hemi, is my wiring portion of this swap going to be as easy as it sounds from all the forums/threads I've read? I mean, basically just plug and play using my 4.7 computer right? Splice in different connector styles here and there, change my O2 sensors, and that's it? The difference is also in the ignition coils too right, as there are 2 per cylinder on the hemi, or something like that? So I'd just need to splice those onto the same circuit?

2nd question is the oilpan question: I'm a 2wd, do I even need to worry about the oil pan at all? I mean, I've seen some heavy modifications done to these pans on the 4x4 models, but not much info on the 2wds..

Thanks in advance guys.
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Indeed, a full arrington setup could get you into the low 12s!
The news just gets better and better every day. I'm still about a year out for my swap, but just like you said, no way will I leave a motor at stock when I have it outside the truck. The world is your oyster at that point.

Fast, do you happen to have links to the wiring diagrams you had to use? Or know off hand, which ones you did end up using?

I was thinking of going with one of those 392 5.7 stroker long blocks or maybe just a reman shortblock and upgrade with forged internals for boost.
For me its headers, AC compressor lines, and engine mounts. Use the 4.7 engine harness and splice in the 5.7 connectors, and find or build fitting radiator hoses then get a hemifever tune with SCT. 4X4 will have to mod the oil pan.

And thanks for the srt8 headers idea. That will save a boat load of hassle if those fit.

But no, 4.7 headers will definitely not fit.
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