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soon to start 4.7 to 5.7 hemi swap...need help please

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So I am soon to start a 4.7 to 5.7 hemi swap...my 2003 4.7 is close to 200,000 miles so I want to start planning out my swap just in case my engine takes a crap..knock on wood though. So I am looking for knowledge of anyone who has worked with this material before. So first off what year hemi works best and out of what vehicle should I get the 5.7 out of? Secondly will my 03 4.7 tranny fit directly to the 5.7 or will I have to make changes
or get a new tranny? Thirdly what new wiring, wiring harnesses, etc will I have to get? I already know that I will have to fab up a new oil pan and that is no problem. I have probably left out much info so please feel free to bring it up. Thank you everyone for your help.
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OK for a 4.7 to hemi swap in a 2003
you will need
5.7 Hemi from a dodge ram 1500 perferably a 03 or 04 as it wont be a MDS engine
Mopar performance cable actuated TB (You will not be drive by wire)
SCT tuner from hemi fever
Data logger with wideband
Custom AC lines
You may have to fab the engine mounts
Custom fabbed oil pan

As for wiring
You will need to extend or shorten some wires to keep things looking clean. You will also need to change a few connectors on the harness to work with the Hemi sensors.

YOU will NOT need to rewire the truck!!

As for the transmission you have the 545RFE trans which is the same trans that the hemi's use. If I were you with the miles that are on your engine and trans I would buy a low mileage engine and trans combo from a 2wd ram. That way you have a fresher trans. If not you can use the trans that you have but I feel as though you may be on borrowed time with it.

So with the items listed above you will ned to fabricate some parts but once that has been done its just about a plug and play as you can get. This type of swap will only work with the 2003 or newer trucks because the Hemi uses a 32 tooth tone wheel. Same as the 03-newer 4.7's also the computer is a NGC controller basically the same as the Hemi. Once you have the engine in and running you will need to make some datalogs for Hemifever so he can dial in your A/F and timing.

For the 03 or newer 4.7L trucks its alot like the mustang guys do with the 4.6-5.4 swap.

Ill try to help answer any questions I can. Josh (HemiDak) and I have poored over all the information I have gathered on this swap for my own 2003 and everything say it will work. I know of some ram guys that have swapped from the 4.7 to the Hemi and had no issues. Im still in the parts procurment stage for my swap but mine will have more of a twist to it.
You sound like you've done your homework! I have a 2012 with a 4.7 with a dropped valve. Wondering if a 2008 5.7 would swap into it? Have the complete donor vehicle. Or where to go find more information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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