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soon to start 4.7 to 5.7 hemi swap...need help please

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So I am soon to start a 4.7 to 5.7 hemi swap...my 2003 4.7 is close to 200,000 miles so I want to start planning out my swap just in case my engine takes a crap..knock on wood though. So I am looking for knowledge of anyone who has worked with this material before. So first off what year hemi works best and out of what vehicle should I get the 5.7 out of? Secondly will my 03 4.7 tranny fit directly to the 5.7 or will I have to make changes
or get a new tranny? Thirdly what new wiring, wiring harnesses, etc will I have to get? I already know that I will have to fab up a new oil pan and that is no problem. I have probably left out much info so please feel free to bring it up. Thank you everyone for your help.
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I could have gotten my brothers 03 Dakota into the low 12s with just the setup that was in my Ram. At a race weight of 5,330 lbs, I went 8.527 @ 79.80 in the 1/8 and 13.41 @ 99.20 in the 1/4 on a 1.91s 60' time. My hemi had the stock intake manifold and heads on it, little tiny Sidewinder torque cam, pacesetter long tubes, and SCT tuning on a 4.7 PCM with a cable operated throttle body.
Cable TB... How did you hook up the IAC?
Its a Mopar Performance TB and it has a NGC 4.7 style IAC built into it.
Ok, but what wiring harness are you using? The stock Ram harness' wouldn't have a plug for the IAC, being DBW... Or am I way off here?
I have what I would like to call the quickest 4.7 QC Ram around. My Ram had a 4.7 when it started life and has a 5.7 in its place using the 4.7 PCM, Harness, and SCT custom tuning. At my power level, I would not recomeend it without some form of TCM tuning. Its a transmission murderer in a heavy truck.
I guess there are many ways to skin this cat after all... 4.7 harness can work on the Hemi? Makes life a lot easier... And nevermind a TCM flash - I'd do that and a tranny rebuild by default just to handle all extra power - I have no intention of leaving the Hemi stock, not when I can play with it before dropping it in the truck!
I had to swap a few connectors using pigtails I sourced from the 07 5.7 Harness, but I have zero issues making sense of electrical diagrams. Your 02 might not be as easy because it is JTEC rather than NGC.
I have a late 2002 Durango - NGC
I've read that Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 exhaust manifolds fit the Dak/Dur frame, and are basically headers. $90/set on www.car-part.com
I just noticed that... Pick the other manifold, it pops up with 1987 Mitsubishi Lancers! Ok, call me unsure of price, but I've read on here that they will fit.
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