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Man thats sounds like a lot of bass ...my buddy had 6 12's in a wall in his dakota but i talked him into JL audio and he went with two 15's man those hit so much harder than the 6 12's for sure ... and didn't take his whole back seat like his 6 12's did ...but what ever you do sounds like we will hear ya a mile or two away ..can't wait to see the pic when you get it done ... i only have i JL Audio 10w7 and am real happy with it for sure ..looking to get a new amp for it for some MORE power though..should be running 750 wat rms to it and then it will thump like hell ..right now i am giving it like 300-400 and it hits real nice can't wait till i get the new amp for sure ... :mullet:

and who needs hearing ...lol
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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